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How does Lifestyle medicine & the treatment work?

Lifestyle medicine
You want to become healthy and stay healthy. Together we’ll check which adjustments to your lifestyle can improve your health most. What about cutting down stress? I understand you don’t intend to turn your whole life upside down. And that you want to see results and feel good. You’ve got my support. Lifestyle medicine & treatments are a strong team! Your health gets boosted all over.

We are born with a natural ability to heal, all I do is wake this system up. Using shiatsu and acupuncture I stimulate the immune system – a better functioning immune system is always beneficial. People feel fitter and many health issues heal, such as headaches, abdominal complaints, reduced fertility …

But some health issues persist?
Indeed. There, more is needed than acupuncture and shiatsu. Such complaints point to deeper issues needing to be addressed. I help to find and clear these, for you to heal. This is pretty special, may I say immodestly. Even some very stubborn issues clear.

And cutting down stress?
Did you know that some 70% of today’s health issues is stress related? Often we don’t realize our health problem might be caused by stress.
Stress, in essence emotion, affects mind and body. One example: digestion is put on the back burner, so nutrients may not be absorbed optimally. The increased acidity level of the body is compensated by taking calcium from bones, eventually leading to osteoporosis. One thing leads to another. Stress is also detrimental to fertility.

Life without stress does not exist. Besides, woulden’t it be boring? I can help you relax deeper, body and mind. With self-help methods for stress relief, you can find more peace at any time.  I’m happy to teach you these.

And nutrition?
One of the biggest culprits is sugar.  Do you want to quit sugar? With some small adjustments to your diet that suppport detox you’ll soon feel fitter. Don’t worry, you can eat tasty food.

Stay well
And then you feel well and want it to stay that way. A monthly maintanance session helps you stay feeling good. Like you take your car to the garage.  🙂

I use Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), Shiatsu, Foot reflexology, Polarity, Solution-Oriented coaching, EMDR, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting – each stimulates healing in a different way.

There is so much to tell – if you have questions about the treatment, please mail them.

Please consult your doctor prior to the first consultation. He / she can assess if you need conventional medical treatment. In such cases, my treatment can be a good supplement, speeding up your results.

Monika Denes | Eline Verestraat 23 | 1183 KX Amstelveen | Call +31(0)20 7718183

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