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Quit Sugar

Quit sugar

Any idea how much effect sugar has on you? Except cavities and weight gain?

What happens in your body

To digest sugar, your body uses vitamins and minerals needed for your immune system.
Sugar consumption raises the acidity of your body. The acid-alcaline balance is essential for the functioning of cells. Your cells must communicate constantly for you to stay alive but can’t communicate well when the body is too acid. The body needs to counteract the acidification as quickly as possible. For this it uses calcium – from bones. Eventually this can lead to osteoporosis.
Sugar is also associated with type 2 diabetes and with cancer.

And what happens in the mind? 

When you were small and fell over, you got a candy ‘to soothe the pain’. When a child does well, it gets a sweet reward. One feels lonely and where has the pack of biscuits gone? Sugar is consolation, a reward. … It is a surrogate for love.

What is your story?

Do you feel tired after eating? Do you have low energy moments in your day? Do you eat out of habit, like in front of the TV? Do you eat to feel something? Or eat not to feel? Do you reach for sweet things when stressed? Lonely? Frustrated? Does it start with one cookie … and where did the rest of the roll go? Do you feel peckish in the evening? Do you feel “a hole” in your tummy that wants to be filled?

This way you’ll succeed quitting sugar.

We have ‘good’ reasons for eating sweet things. If you want to quit sugar and don’t address these reasons, the chances of going back to sugar are greater. Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. I provide support and structure. Help you with the underlying feelings and the feelings that come up on the way. So you stand firm, without ‘needing’ sweet stuff.


The methods I use are solution-oriented support, nutritional tips, possibly ear acupuncture (like when quitting smoking). You can learn a self-help method you can apply whenever needed.

The support is also possible by Skype or telephone. A treatment is included, provided you can come to Amstelveen. The quitting process usually takes two to four weeks.


Introduction of approximately 30 minutes € 40
There after usual rates

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