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Tips to help you become a daddy

Less stress and less TV

Stress is associated with abnormal sperm development as well as potency problems. According to a study by Oxford University and the American National Institute of Health, stress reduces fertility up to 12%.

How long is your favorite TV program? A study of Harvard Medical School shows that men who watch more than 20 hours of TV per week, 44% has a reduced sperm production. That is less than 3 hours a day! But do not worry, you can …

Produce up to 73% more sperm

Sport relaxes and helps improve sperm quality.
According to a Harvard Medical School study, with 15 hours of
exercise a week, men produce 73% more semen.

There is one sport you don’t want to overdo: cycling.
That is not good for sperm, presumably due to saddle pressure.
What about a reclining bike?

Nutrition for better fertility for men

If you put diesel in a gasoline car … what will happen?
You’re just like your car … Take care of yourself like your car.

  • According to the Erasmus Medical Center, men with a preference for meat, vegetables, fruit and whole grains have almost twice as much sperm as men with a different diet.
  • Be careful with soy. The researchers at Harward School of Public Health discovered that as little as 1/2 glass of soy milk per day reduces sperm production. Other soy products also have a similar effect.

More about nutrition in fertility tips for women and men

  • Beware: cosmetics and chemical substances are dangerous to your sperm and to your future children!
  • Men who use deodorant or aftershave daily have a 5x increased likelihood of under average quality sperm, says the research of Nijmegen University Medical Centre.
  • Sun screen impacts sperm quality as well.

Semen quality and frequency of intercourse

Men with fertility problems have the best quality semen after one day of abstinence; after two days the quality declines. Men with normal semen have the best quality after seven days abstinence. These are data from research; I find seven days of abstinence too long. A womans fertility is not limited to the ovulation, so more frequent relaxed sex gives, in my opinion, a greater chance of pregnancy.
I stimulate fertility in women and men, improving sperm quality and overcoming potency issues. For this, I apply natural methods such as shiatsu and acupuncture. The goal is better overall health, which also improves fertility.

Need help? I understand that it can be a challenge to talk about this.

I offer discrete support – it’s even worked with men who told me little about their specific problem.

Questions? Feel free to contact me.

Discrete help with potency issues can also be done via Skype.

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